“New Media Capstone students work together to build a new media solution that addresses a specific client problem. Students call upon all of the skills gained throughout their certificate journey to develop, design, and debut these projects at the end of the semester.”

As the Visual Lead for my capstone group, I helped to ensure that every aspect of slqat.com, was beautiful, user friendly, and purposefully designed. This website provided an online scoring and comparing tool for instructors of service learning courses to understand and improve their classes and ensure quality student experiences. While providing UX/UI for the site, I gave feedback on current designs to improve what features had already been added to the SLQAT. The two logos are a culmination of one design created by another group member, Lauren Johnson, with additional feedback from myself and seen above, and the second, simplified logo all in our signature green, which I created to use for presentations and quick branding.

I used these logos to develop a basis for branding our team. I created the Visual Design Guide, seen at the bottom of this page, which we incorporated into the site and all promotional/presentation materials for the capstone course. This document includes comprehensive information about colors, fonts, logos, and why we chose what we did. From completing this assignment, I learned how to develop a brand with thoughtful and meaningful purpose behind each and every decision, looking for ways to solve problems with consistent and clear visuals. Throughout the capstone project, I worked on ensuring that each and every presentation and document looked clean and also beautiful. As a result, it was a natural progression for me to be able to dictate what the best choices for our brand might look like. Below are designs and slides for various assignments which I created to promote our project.

Finally, as the resident photo/video person for our capstone group, I took on the challenge of creating the SLQAT’s project trailer. This 45-90 second video presented a challenge, to imagine and execute and engaging video about a complicated and niche subject matter. However, in the process of brainstorming and storyboarding, I learned how to develop empathetic content and tell a humanistic story which will entertain others, regardless of the topic. Above all, creating this video taught me that with good design aesthetic and a great narrative, you can make anything relatable to others. Find the SLQAT trailer here. To find out more about the SLQAT team, please visit our group website.

Visual Design Document